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Real life interests

* One cat, one wife and two boys (but not necessarily in that order)

* Growing stinging nettles, trees and other plants on our 5 acres

* Member of Fressingfield Baptist Church

* Member of the Adastral Park Christian Association

* Wearing brightly-coloured pullovers

* Z (but not the formal specification language)

* Playing classical guitar

* Hillwalking

* Calligraphy


* To do some interesting things

* To see what happens

* To get there in the end

I work as an IP data network designer for BT.

I am Principal Officer of Adastral Park B Branch of Connect - the union for professionals in communications.

'Work-related' skills

* Data network design

* Cisco router configuration

* MPLS - Multiprotocol Label Switching

* VPNs

* Enterprise Configuration Management

* Requirements Capture and Analysis

* Software testing processes

* User interfaces in Visual Basic

* www page design (and Perl)

* Database systems

* Applied Research

* Various non-software things:

  • Semiconductor materials science
  • chemistry
  • high-power uv lasers

Miscellaneous items

The population of the world

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