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Love me and you'll live forever. Kill me and you die alone.

Given to the kiss of darkness, the hunger I cannot escape; the warm dark fluid sweet on my tongue, his throat soft, so soft against my cheek, my fangs slipping in so easily, the warmth in my throat, sweet in my mouth, my love, my love in this darkness, and then I turn with the blood on my white, white teeth and I leave you, breath where I have none and yours fading in my night embrace.

As well as writing bad prose for online descriptions, I write worse poetry and fiction for the enjoyment of my friends everywhere. (Come back! I won't do it again! I promise! ...well, not much...) Fine examples of my style may be seen on my poetry page.

My other interests include roleplaying games, stone circles, aromatherapy, anything sparkly, volcanoes, dinosaurs - just call me the Elephant's Child, really. Information on a lot of these is available on my other page if the firewall ever allows it to see the light of day again. The name I use on the net is taken from the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. And I still protest that Lanfear is not evil, just misunderstood...

As for the rest...

Allegedly an ex-student of Psychology, her tutors say they've never heard of her. Meanwhile, in a world far away, a blonde-haired, green-eyed humanoid prepares to revolutionise history. Who is this mystery woman? Does anybody know?

And, more importantly, does anybody care?

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Grey Wolves

For those who really want to know, my real name is in fact Sarah Blake, and though raised in Scotland I came to England to study Psychology at Oxford. Sometimes. When I had nothing better to do and my tutors were getting especially irritated. Somehow, despite all this, I managed to emerge with a 2:1.

I still live in Oxford, now with two spoilt cats. I also love dogs, the wolfier the better; my site includes a tribute to a remarkable dog. If you really want to know more, feel free to read my curriculum vitae ("r�sum�" to Americans). If you're particularly masochistic you could even try my diary.

I also spent ten days in Romania in September/October 1999, which proved to be probably the best holiday I've ever had. I plan to return one day...

Oh yes, and one last thing. I'm fat. I'm telling you this last for two reasons. Firstly, so that any prejudice you might have will not colour your perceptions of what you've already read - and secondly, because it doesn't matter. It really doesn't. � 1996-2000 Lanfear

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