Welcome to the Virtual Home of the Grand Canyon Semester!(AKA The Butt Pigmey News)


Hey. Well, I'm connected to the network, so I can work on the page once again. I've added the first branches, the address page, reference page and news clippings. Check it out below, see if you like/dislike/hate/love etc.Let me know.Oh, and by the way. I found a problem concerning usage of Internet Explorer as opposed to Netscape in viewing this page. You should see a Holmes painting tiled throughout the back. I've noticed that if you use the product of evil Mr. Gates, you can't see the Holmes. So, if anyone knows what the bug is-I'd love to hear from you. Even if you don't-I'd still love to hear from you.
Always yours,
P.S. I took off the blinking, it was annoying, right?

Choose Your Poison

The Contact Page This is the branch with phone#s, addresses and e-mails

The Message BoardThe message board that Josh set up

The Resources PageWeb-sites and books of interest, for now-the ones that I came up with, need your input on this one

Newspaper ClippingsWhat the sign says, plus whatever news articles about/by GCS people you have. Can anyone scan in the article about Chuck on the homecoming dedication? I don't have that one.

oh, here's the best pic of the group I have at the moment, if anyone can dig up a better one- be my guest

write to me, or something