Pedantus' Journal

of Horoscopic Expressionism:
The Astrology of Creative Self-Expression


"The contents of the collective unconscious are represented in consciousness in the form of pronounced preferences and definite ways of looking at things."

-- C.G. Jung

"What's this all about?"

Take a peek at the
natal chart of the artist here, my brother Terry, who drew this parody of me crashing my Commodore 64 while I was learning how to program in BASIC.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist, or even much of an astrologer, to see the action line that crosses the center of this drawing. The Opposition Aspect (planets deposited 180 degrees apart) seems to be a very important symbolic part of the psyche's vocabulary here....something significant to this person's unconscious mind, and so, it is projected... in this instance almost literally projected.

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