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Welcome to Across the Sea. So why such a name on Bourbon Street? Well I grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and have been to New Orleans many times. I have joined the Navy and have truly seen the world but when I go back to Louisiana, I must always return to New Orleans a city with a rich history and mystique.

So where in the world am I now you ask? Try Sicily, Italy. I am a member of the United States Navy. I work for Naval Computer and Telecommunication Station, Sicily, Italy which is located on Naval Air Station Sigonella, Italy. I'm married to Theresa (Terry) and have two children, Zachary and Jessica.

Being in the Navy, I have gotten to see a good portion of the world. It is a good thing that I like to travel. I've gotten to do a little traveling this summer. I've made it out to Rota, Spain, Naples, Italy and Heidelberg, Germany. I will get a page up soon with postcards from some of the places that I have been here in Europe.

My other project is learning as much as I can about publishing on the World Wide Web so as I find new and useful things, I'll put up the links on where I got the stuff and what I learned. I have a scanner and Adobe Photoshop so watch out. Things can get pretty weird around here as I play around.

I have various GIFS that I've created/reworked to put on your Home Pages. Many are transparent Gifs or animated GIFS. Just take what you like. I will keep my Gif page updated with seasonal selections of Web Page READY Gifs.

This is a work in progress so check in again soon as I expect I will have some more stuff up.

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