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Hi there. This is my first page. This page is about me, the stuff I do, my interests, view points, etc. etc. I hope I'll find time to make a second page and make it about something specific. So without further adieu, here's my page.

My name is Fernando Rodriguez. I am 19 years old. I'm currently in the Navy. I'm going to Nuclear Power School in wonderful (not really) Charleston, South Carolina. Here you can find stuff bout me and pictures.

- Page O' Jokes -

Few Jokes that I've heard and really liked and felt like writing them down. Also, a few humor links for laughs, etc. etc. Its funny stuff.

- Page O' Sports -

Fave teams, Pictures of me in Uniform from when I was little, and what I play and of course.. links.

- Page O' Entertainment -

UC(Under Construction): TV shows and Movies that I like and you should too.

UC: This part is dedicated to only good video games. Just a few things here and there and some links.

Walter's Wisdom O' the Week

- Ever wonder?-

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