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Your One-Stop CD ShopDear all,
Just a quick message to inform you all that the sale of my 'baby', PinPoint Music, was finally pushed through the legal system today (11/28/97) at 1.30 pm.
The new owner is a local business-gent named Andy Atkinson who is keeping on Drew and seems intent to run the store in very much the same way as it has been run since 1986 ... so I am happy, Drew is happy, and everybody seems content! Indeed, it could not have turned out more 'perfect' all round.
I am now going to be a 'lazy bum' for a while and indulge myself in the very first Christmas where I have not had to work my proverbials off right up to the final moments on Christmas Eve!! The last Christmas I enjoyed this 'free' was in 1975, so I think I deserve the break don't you?
It will seem incredibly odd not to have to go into PinPoint ... and I shall miss 'her' and most of her cheery-faced customers like crazy ... but it was defintely time to move on ... and after months of consideration, I now have the freedom (and a bit of financial security) to plot a new career path with more confidence.
If you've been a customer of PinPoint during my tenure, then thank you muchly for your kind support and custom ... please continue to support the new owner ... the industry needs stores like PinPoint and they can only exist thanks to their loyal customer base ... you have been so kind. And thank you to anyone out there who has mailed me messages of encouragement and support in my 'quest' to eventually spend all my life with the gorgeous and rather wonderful Miss L! (MrsG2B!) Thanx again!
Steve Gibbs
Steve Gibbs
Ex-Managing Director/Chairman
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Hants, S050 9FG, England
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