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Welcome to our family homepage in cyperspace. This homepage is created as a means to link all of our family members through cypercommunications. We encourage each family member to freely communicate and regularly update the homepage. If you need instruction, name and password or how-to's, please contact us. Please also be advised of not posting personal information for security reason. Created on 04/07/96. Last updated 07/2008.

Our Father, Mr. Le, Van Huynh, deceased San Jose, CA 11/03/2005, was born in 1913, in Long Chu village of Tay Ninh province of Southern Vietnam. The village was situated next to the beautiful Cam Giang River, a small branch of the large Mekong River. Our mother, Mrs. Tran, Thi Ret, deceased San Jose, CA 08/20/2001, was born in 1916, in Long Thuan village of the same province. Most of their family life was spent in Saigon and since 1975, in the U.S.

Map of Tay Ninh, South Vietnam

Mr. and Mrs Le, Van Huynh

They have nine children, 18 grand children, many great grand children and many many great great grand children. (Indeed, we do lose counting !!) . Here is the family bulletin board:

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Le, Thi Truyen
Le, Ngoc An
Le, Tan Thanh
Le, Kim Xuyen
Le, Quang Chanh
Le, Kim Hoa
Le, Quang Toai
Le, Quang Minh
Le, Quang Trung

Our father, photo taken in Cupertino, CA
on 06/19/04, celebrates his 91 years young

Immediate Family Photo in Larger Size, San Jose, 11/05

Our family photo taken in Los Gatos, CA
on 11/07/05

More Family Photo in Larger Size & Number, San Jose, 11/05

Ski "Gang" at Copper Mt., Colorado

"Top of the Mt (Above the timberline)" at Copper Mt., Colorado

"Plenty of Powder" at Copper Mt., Colorado

  1. Family News: Need News . Do we have any news? We do but may not communicate well? And therefore no news mostly is good news?
  2. Le, Thi Truyen, deceased San Jose, CA 04/01/96. They have the following children and news:

  3. Le, Ngoc An, Fountain Valley, CA, married to Nguyen, T Thu Nguyet. They have the following children and news:

An Le and 15-inch trout in Colorado, 08/97


Tammy Le, 11/05

  1. Le, Tan Thanh, Westminster, Colorado, married to Sue Le. He has the following news and children:

  1. Le, Kim Xuyen aka. Fidler, Kim Le, Phoenix, Arizona, married to Fidler, William F., Jr. They have the following child and news:

  1. Le, Quang Chanh, Rocklin, CA, married to Nguyen, Thi Lu. They have the following children and news:

  1. Le, Kim Hoa aka. Lee, Kimyca, Oceanside, CA. She has the following news and child:

Chris and Chelsea, Santa Cruz, CA. 07/17/05

Chris and Chelsea

  1. Le, Quang Toai aka. Le, Toby, married to Nguyen, Thi Trung aka. Le, Nguyen Trudy, resides in San Diego (America's Finest City), CA. They have the following child and news:

    Greetings in Voice (Audio)

    Toai Le's Latest Family Photo 12/03

    Kung Fu martial artist, Victoria

    Annual Cubic "Ski Bums (Club)" at Snow Summit, Big Bear Lake, California

    Ski "Bum" Toby at Copper Mt., Colorado

  1. Le, Quang Minh , Cupertino, CA, married to Vu, Anh Thu. They have the following children and news:
  2. Le, Quang Trung, Hungtington Beach, CA, married to Le, Thuy. They have the following children and news:


Mang cut in Vancouver, BC


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