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"You have reached the homepage of Something Digital. But just exactly who in the world wide web are we?"

Those were the opening lines from my first website, way back in October 8th, 1998. The site is still there, much remains unchanged on the site (in fact, the site has not been updated since then). The hosting company is still around (wondering how long will it last somehow).

My personal life, however, has been a roller coaster of sorts. Much has changed, much has evolved. Within this site, you will learn a little about me.

This is a personal site. It's not a company nor an agency or anything in commercial at all. All you will see within here is merely a showcase of sorts for my personal interests, what I do, what I think, and what I like. As time evolves, more things will be added.

But enjoy in the meantime.

SHOUTcast Broadcast I am currently broadcasting from my home PC, feel free to listen to my choice of music. Choose your streams below:
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  In case these streams are not working, let me know (through ICQ or email). I am running these broadcasts for my personal enjoyment and also for my close friends, therefore it's not broadcasted 24/7.
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