All About Rachel

If you really want to know about me, well then, here goes. I was a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University and barely updating this. I graduated in 1999.
I am currently planning to double major in Psychology and Technical Writing
Someday I want to do research in Psychology.

What do I do when I am not doing schoolwork?
My favorite newsgroup used to be alt.vampyres.

I also read my email, but am no longer on Death-and-Pineapples

I spend far too much time on irc, DALnet.
I use the nicks Surel, Rachel, and irc.
I hang out on #Operzone and sometimes #Smaug.
Also #help and #irchelp
I am an CSop on

I spend a lot of time talking to my boyfriend, Miah

I write poetry, here's the index, the easiest way to access my poems.

basic poetry

vampire poetry

poems for college

And prose:



What kind of person am I?
Well read the FAQ
Here are my Reading Recommendations
You can look at my music page to get some idea of who I am

I am a Dilbert fan
I am a fan of Douglas Adams

Well, that's all I feel like sharing right now.

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