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I'd like to present here some of my songs.

You can visit my Small cracking page..

I will also point out to some important links.

Last updated: 24th January 2000

Some info about me..

The real face of MaX
Much more info will be available with the new version of these pages.. ;-)


All of the songs are in IT format.
If you're very curious, you can get my _old_ S3Ms.

For listening use Impulse Tracker 2.14 (for DOS) or MikIT (for linux) or Modplug Player (for Windows 95/98/NT)


So this is a list of my released songs.

If you like some song, please leave some feedback!

Some interesting links.

Music / demos:

Hornet demosite - Huge archive - closed...

Official Impulse Tracker Page

Caca Volante - Site about Faith No More, Mr. Bungle and related bands

Bungle Fever - Mr.Bungle site

MaZ Soundpage - Really good page with lots of stuff

CDNOW - Order your favorite band's albums :)

UBL - Ultimate Band List

United Trackers - Join if you're a tracker!

Fantomas - Page about new Mike Patton's (ex-Faith No More) band

Thrax - VERY good page for composers !

Pirate Radio - Excellent live music (drum'n'bass, etc) in RealAudio format - Your daily audio info [in Czech]

Friends and others:

Infima BBS - The place where I virtually grew up :)

Linux - Ultimate OS!

Arachne - Ultimate WWW browser for DOS!

Visit *ONLY* if you're 18 and above:)

Sander Schepers - a friend, FNM fan :)

Caitiff - Czech Tracker

Send me some interesting links


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