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Battlestar Galactica
Get the latest news on the  "G" revival efforts!
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Gulf War
The story of someone who experienced "Desert Storm" first-hand.

Celebrity Autographs
My latest, "Thru -The-Mail" auto sucesses!

Dodge Dakota
Click here and read about my lemon! (updated)

Saving Pvt. Ryan
My thoughts on this most excellent  movie!

About Me!
All you ever wanted to know, and some you didn't!

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Apophis - Stargate SG-1


Thanks for stopping by my little 'Home on the Net!'   On this webpage you'll find information on my two great passions in life, The Gulf War, and the revival of my favorite Sci-Fi TV show, ' Battlestar Galactica.'

I also have a small hobby of collecting autographs.  If you click on my 'Celeb Sigs' link, you can see what they were kind enough to send me.
 You can also click on my Dodge Dakota link, and view pics of my '
Lemon', as well as read about everything that has gone wrong with it!   Have fun!

***UPDATE - 11/11/99 - Turned my Dakota over to Chrysler. I am now a GM Owner.  I got a Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. I'll never own a Chrysler again. ***

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