(an unofficial ROCO Minitanks web page)

This web site is dedicated to the collecting and trading of ROCO Minitanks.

Enter Retro-ROCO!
are a relatively new collectible (certainly not "Antique").
However, the search for and collecting of older and/or
discontinued pieces is my motivation for creating these pages.

That same reasoning also explains the name...

This site is always...

This page is PROUD to be a member of the...
ROCO Minitanks Collectors Club
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Early ROCO History
Early Roskopf History
Bob's Ramblings...
Whatever happened to Roskopf Miniatur Modelle?
ROCO Company Info
Where can I buy Roskopf models??
ROCO 25th Anniversary Company History

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Roco Minitanks
Roskopf Miniatur Modelle
Universal Powermaster Corp. (UPC)

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