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KeyiI am Keyi and am into LIFE AND LOVING! Having fun and making friends. Hoping to hear from all types of people. For those of ya'll that want to know I am 6'3" weigh about 155 to 165 and waist length straight ,blond hair. And kaleidoscopic eyes. I play bass, work for a center for disabled teens. Hobbies include plants, animals, and sex! I am very hyper so it my sentences run together please forgive.Keyi's hair


GerryHiyaa!!! This is now Gerry coming at you! I am 18, and in real life, live with Keyi. He and Jesse are my best friends. I have long brown hair, blue eyes, stand 5'10", and weigh about 125-130. Yeah, skinny, but it works. I have my nose, navel, and nipple pierced. I like talking to all sorts of people. Oh, I have a serious boyfriend, but would still love to get to know you! Seeyaoutthere!!!


JESSE ,(I had my pic up here but mom found out so off it came.) I am quiet, shy and basically friendly with just a bit of hellfire thrown in for good measure. Long blond hair, blue eyes, 5'8" and 17, average build. Like to sing and play guitar. Am beginning to write my own music. Hope to chat with lots of new people!

I also enjoy learning about graphics, computers, and helping others out with their adventures in cyberspace. Oh and download the program Powwow it is fantastic and easy. Get your Powwow Here!


Hi , I am Tears. Not my cyber alias, it is my name. I love it. I am into dramatic dance, music and cards. I was adopted by this group so I am the newest member and I have fallen in love with them. I hope to learn alot in the coming years being here. Make some new friends on the web and hopefully contribute to the arts one day.


We are all semi-supervised by Jesse's Mom. Poor woman, pity her now. Well not too much. We have pets galore and our interest are extremely varied. If one of us can't help another usually can. We have to go explore now and will chat with you soon, if you can catch one of us. Seeya!

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We sincerely hope you enjoy your visit with us!!!!


Free speech on the web-yeah right!FRIENDS HOMEPAGES!!

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Haha's And Laughs! theheheheheh*Some of the following links are adult in nature. Please

The Rainbow Room hahahahinahahahadon't follow them unless you are all grown up *grin*

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Gay/Les/Bi Links and Graphics We found for your pages. ENJOY!!!

This title Pandemonium was created by Yu Hsin for free if you would like one contact him at Awesome!!!

If you can't find us here one of us is usually on another chatworld known as firefly!!! Click here to find us. FIREFLY .There we are known as Keyi, gerry-L, loki.g, and Tears*

Here are some recommended authors that might just suite your fancy.

James Baldwin: Tell it on The Mountain & Giovanni's Room

Gore Vidal: Myra Breckenridge & Myron (both hilarious)

Keep an eye out here for more recommended reading or email us if you have a suggestion.

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