Welcome to Kamyk's Forest Sanctuary

Welcome to my first home page.                                    

This is new to me so if it sucks, E-mail me with ideas 
for improvement.  I intend to basically cover the
following topics here:

Personal page - Personal information about me if anyone cares.

Pagan page - This page is about pagan/wiccan information and links to resources for it.

Page of  pride - So I'm homesexual, does that mean I'm not human anymore???

Program page - Shareware, video games.

Fantasy page - Sci-Fi\ Fantasy stuff.

Environmental issues - Keep the planet green and healthy!!!  Do your part in keeping earth clean and green.

Multi media - Movies, Music, etc.

Links to friends pages.

 Link to Knycc's Knightly Realm Knyck's Knightly Realm - Not available at this time.

Links to other sites I have found enjoyable or useful.

Yahoo search engine - Yahoo is one of the oldest, and is considered one of the best search engines on the web.

Metacrawler search engine METACRAWLER... the best Search Engine! Nine engines in one... colated with minimal duplicates!

This is where you tell me how much my page sucks!!!                                                                                                 (And leave suggestions for improvement???)

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