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Updated 06/17/97

If you're here for advice on repairing your television set, you've got the wrong gal and you don't understand the title.

What the site's about

Well, I'm starting to flesh out this page a bit. You'll find the two primary articles have had a few pictures added. They're video captures so not particularly astounding. But they'll give you an idea of what I'm talking about What I intend to present here are a few things that I've picked up over the years (many, I'm afraid) regarding the fine art of crossdressing. You'll find a link to my lead-off articles at the end of this page. The first document will detail the making of your own breast forms from latex. No, they won't fool anyone. But they will present a fine illusion under the right clothing. It will also extend the breast form concept to the making of a body suit with the breasts integrated.

The second article details construction of a set of forms composed of the material used to make fishing lures. These are actually better than the latex model but have their own down side.

The third explains the process of taping.

If you're anxious to get to the tech material click HERE to skip my personal information.

What else will be presented here? I'm not sure. I want to avoid the standard tips and tricks approach but I won't rule out the possibility of some such making it here when it seems appropriate. I want to concentrate on the paraphenalia that surrounds the process of crossdressing but there will very likely be some overlap. I hang out at so some of the discussion from there will probably be repeated here. Some links to some of the fine ladies who hang out in that newsgroup are included below.

I've previously indicated that I had no intention of putting any pictures of myself up, as I had no confidence regarding my appearance. As you can see from the title bar on this page I've done a 180 on this decision. Encouragement from my friends on have lead me to believe that they're actually presentable. Check 'em out below.

What I'm about

A major yank of my particulars has been performed here. I've moved my biography information to a separate page. Click on the BIO link below to see what has made me the person I am today.

How successfull am I at this art? Not as good as I'd like to be but better than I thought I was, it seems. If you're here because you have the same inclinations that I do, give it a try. You might be surprised at the results. I was.

Am I ashamed of being a crossdresser? I've never felt guilt about it. It feels natural. It feels comfortable, like wearing a favorite T-shirt.


Obligatory (but freely given) Links

A Little Humor

Picture Sets
Set 1 - A New Hope?

Set 2 - The Crossdresser Strikes Back

Set 3 - Return of the Crossdresser

And Now for Something Completely Different

Here are my first articles. Enjoy.

Making Your Own Breast Forms, Latex  
Making Your Own Breast Forms, Plastic  
Painting Fake Nails

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