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Marianne Fletcher is an imaginary person. She exists only for short periods of time when she gets dressed up. Underneath, she's still the same 50 year old   male. These pages serve to let the curious understand who/what she is.  As usual, they're under heavy construction,and will be changing dramatically over the coming weeks.

All of this started many many years ago, when I was, oh, around 12, maybe 13 years old. My parents were collecting stuff for a rummage sale and I was given the task of sorting through everything to separate out the saleable items from those destined for the bone-yard. Amongst all the stuff was a white cotton pleated mini-skirt, and something about it clicked. So I tried it on. I strutted, I posed, I walked around the garden. It felt wonderful. I kept it, along with a number of other items for many years. (None of that stuff would fit me now of course.)

I had a relatively normal upbringing, family of five kids. Dated a few girls, and kept a secret collection of things to wear when I felt stressed out. In the years that have past since those days I've grown to learn that I'm neither homosexual, nor am I mentally ill.
Section two. When, why, some history.
Section Three. Dichotomy. My two aspects.
Section four. Societal pressures. Being forced into a mould.
Section five. Those simple pleasures. Marianne on the net.
Section six. Those inner feelings, text and drawings. Graphics intensive!
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