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Welcome ....

 OK Guys..

This is my third version of my own website. The first one was build in early 1996, using plain HTML and HotDog editor.. and the graphics was designed using Adobe Photoshop 3.0.  The concept - greenish,  to match the first birth of my own website, to remark that I was a beginner at that time and also green is my favorite color!

The second version - using frame features and some Javascript and graphics animation. The concept this time was cheerful and colorful to indicate my characters. (Oh yes.. I am cheerful and lots of colors... if you know what I mean.. ). It was published to the Internet in October 1996 and it has been on the Internet ever since!

My third version... published in 1998 .. not much changes though.. just to experiment some new techniques and new web tools. Furthermore, to enhance my skills on web development and technology. And thanks to CARI - the FIRST Malaysian Search Engine, I won the TOP 5 CARI Award for September 1998!!

And now the latest version.. published April 2000.. last updated in January 2001.. I use the same layout as before but now with more "lively" features.. no more static, boring pages..

Wanna know more?? Go on... surf.. I am sure that you guys are good surfers!!

And, thanks.. for visiting my website.. feel free to contact me.. I will be happy to hear from you as well as making new friends!!!